News Year’s resolutions 2012

I usually make a few promises to myself about what I will work on, photographically, in the new year at around this time each year, so this year I’ve decided to jot them down so I can come back to check on them later in the year and see ow I am doing…

1 – Learn to take better street photos
I’ve loved candid street photography for a long while, but it is so far out of my comfort zone that I’ve not really experimented with actually learning to do it. However, a desire to improve my travel photography by featuring more people, combined with the feeling I’m missing a trick living in London and not exploring street photography more has made me decide to embrace it. I’ve set up a Street Photography Tumblr for my experiments that you can see here: I Am A Camera to see how I’m doing so far!

2 – Improve my videography / stop motion work
I’ve done a little bit of videography in the past (example here: Crystal Palace Slide Comp) and also one or two stop motion films (my Westfield one is here: Model Village) but I genuinely think that it won’t be long before a photographer is all but unable to make any money from their work if they aren’t knowledgeable about videography as well and able to turn out both art forms. As, principally, a landscape photographer, I suspect I have more time to learn than a commercial or wedding snapper may have – but given the prevalence of digital photo frames and tablets, it won’t be long I don’t think before moving image is as important to people in their home art as still is today. So time to jump in!

3 – Travel to at least two countries I’ve never been before and photograph them as originally as I can
Fairly self-explanatory – I read recently a Christopher Hitchens quote where he said it was his philosophy to visit at least one country where the people are worse off than his own every year, to help appreciate what he had. That seems like a good rule to stick to – but as I already have a three week trip to China booked for Spring, I’ve doubled the numbers and am aiming to go somewhere else I’ve never been before. The photography part is slightly linked to my first resolution, in that I hope improving my street photography will improve my travel work too.

4 – Stop taking sugar in my coffee
Absolutely nothing to do with photography, but you know, three’s enough right?!

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